The leading entrepreneurs of today’s world rely on innovation to build their careers and to justify the many years of hardships that are often the result of their efforts. Ultimately, entrepreneurs bring answers into the world that solve problems or build on prior innovations.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” –Isaac Newton, 1676

Just look at our greatest technological advancements. Great breakthroughs typically don’t happen to a single lone genius.

Thomas Edison is synonymous with “the light bulb” and yet he didn’t invent the glass bulb or the glowing filament inside it…

Trust is perhaps the most crucial pillar to establishing a positive, sustainable relationship, whether it be with clients, employees or business associates. Building trust does not happen overnight. It takes clear communication, integrity and consistent follow-through (among other factors) over time.

Clear and Authentic Communication

It is never safe to assume. Practical assumptions can be made in any organization or business interaction, however nothing is clear unless it has been expressly communicated. Clearly communicating and ensuring a common understanding of those expectations can only help build trust. This is where agreed structures and clear procedures come in. …

As many professionals continue to work remotely, new challenges and obstacles arise every day. Aside from staying personally accountable, focused and driven, people in leadership roles face the challenge of delivering constructive criticism to others without having the benefit of in-person interaction. While it can feel insensitive to do this remotely, it is important that leaders provide effective feedback and criticism just as they would in pre-pandemic times.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Medium of Communication

Choosing the best medium for communication is the first step to delivering constructive criticism remotely. While some people may prefer to send an email…

Corporate philanthropy and social responsibility is win-win for companies on many levels as well as for the community at large. Of course, it improves your brand and it’s the right thing to do, which is why more companies today are ramping up their programs and making it a more thoughtful process and a priority. There’s also a more practical side to giving that can actually enhance a company’s growth strategy. The information below sheds light on why philanthropy is good for business.

Loyal Customers

There’s a reason why companies make their philanthropic endeavors public. Consumers like to support companies that…

Leading a rapidly growing company can present many unique challenges that can test the grit of management and their commitment to the company’s core values and culture. Inability to manage increased complexity, pressures on systems and processes, and rapidly evolving market demands while failing to keep pace with innovation are only among the challenges that can impede a company’s ability to sustain growth.

Business leaders who clearly articulate and preserve a strong workplace culture by never losing sight of their company’s most valuable asset — its human capital — will be more successful at managing times of rapid growth and…

Offices are generally a melting pot of different types of personalities. There are the drama queens/kings, the gossips, the shrinking violets and the go-getters, just to name a few. If you learn to look carefully, however, you will most likely find at least one person that never seems to be involved in major office drama, yet also doesn’t shrink away from confrontation. They never have juicy gossip to offer and they usually don’t provide a willing ear for it either. These are emotionally intelligent people.

Emotional intelligence is often considered a soft skill, however it may be the most critical…

With subpar data costing U.S. companies 12 percent of annual revenues, hygiene has become critical to the bottom line.

Data has been described as the very lifeblood of a company, but even that doesn’t completely describe it. Used to maximum effect, it enables a business to thrive. One executive called it “a game-changer.” Another said that data, when strategically leveraged, is “no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for any company that wants to compete.”

All true. Data allows organizations to put their best foot forward. It enhances their reputations and their ability to retain customers and employees. It informs…

It is easy, but dangerous, to maintain the status-quo in business. Though it takes less work to continue doing business as usual, you’re at risk of losing out on market opportunities and being swallowed up by the competition. Today’s digital age demands innovation, and agility to respond quickly to market changes. Technological advances and online disruptors open up the marketplace to a world of opportunity, and even if you don’t change, the market will.

Businesses have access to virtually everything at their fingertips, and to stay afloat, you’ll likely need to constantly assess your operations, update your services and product…

A fundamental way for a business professional to develop leadership skills is to honestly assess himself or herself and to address areas in need of improvement.

Part of the self-assessment can be completed by answering the following questions:

Who or What Can Help Me Develop My Skills?

No one is good at everything so leaders should check their egos at the door and spend ample time considering this question. Skills and behaviors can be improved, using traditional and creative channels. Skill-building classes and seminars are viable options, whether offered in the workplace, business community or through industry-specific groups or societies…

The revenue model is one of the most important aspects of a startup: it’s how a startup makes money and delivers value. The simplest way to find the right model for your startup is to focus on the competition and customer insights. Revenue models aren’t limited to startups, and being familiar with the different options can help you to decide which type is the best model to serve your customers depending on the type of business you have or the problem that you’re trying to solve. Here are 6 revenue models to know .


An on-demand revenue model makes…

Tim Noonan

Tim Noonan is the President and CEO at Lockton Pacific Series and a recognized, dynamic leader based in Los Angeles.

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